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jueves, 19 de julio de 2018



This school year a group of 2ºESO students and two of their teachers visited Bray in Ireland so as to get involved in the stunning Irish culture as well as the Gaelic and English languages. Furthermore, we enjoyed meeting so many friendly, kind and lovely people from there.

Do you feel like having a look at the pics we took there? 

So, join us and enjoy them!!
The British Isles

Statue of Eire (Ireland)

Irish icons, the harp and shamrock

("Ireland forever")

Oscard Wilde´s House in Dublin

American College at Oscar Wilde´s house

James Joyce statue
Located in front of his former family home, the house of Sir William Wilde, the archaeologist, is the statue of Oscar Wilde in Marrion Square 

The brave Molly Malone in Dublin

Shall we sing "Molly Malon" folk song?

Molly Malone version by Sinead O´Connor....

Now it is time to rehearse our dancing at our particular folk Irish party

Some of our Final Projects showing our English highly improved as follows:


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